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Independent publisher Actuality Press on three upcoming titles, and why you need to read themActualityPress#1PreviewPage3

 Many great artists started from humble beginnings.

But just because a team doesn’t have the backing of a major publisher, does not mean it couldn’t if it wanted to.  Actuality Press is one example of a company bound to get noticed because they’re launching titles that readers will actually want.  One example is a title that flirts with genres of hard-boiled crime, horror, and fantasy called Cabra-Cini: Voodoo-Junkie Hit-woman.

Cabra-Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hit-woman was an unexpected surprise from an independent, relatively little-known publisher, Actuality Press.  The story follows Cabra, a former prostitute who uses a combination of voodoo and modern firepower to do her job of dusting bad guys and eliminating targets she’s been hired to rub out.  And we don’t have enough former prostitutes who practice Voodoo and marksmanship in comics, if any.  So the author of this review thought: “Why?” It has the dark and bemired feel of a noir title, with a strong female protagonist that will appeal to many readers, male and female alike.  And Sam Johnson and Bruno Letizia didn’t cut corners to make their title more accessible, they made it more interesting.

If you know anyone like myself, I’m always on the look out for cerebral, gritty, crime noir books.  Cabra-Cini‘s a prime title for readers who enjoyed Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Garth Ennis’ The Punisher , series or Ed Brubaker’s Fatale will definitely enjoy Cabra-Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hit-woman.  It’s a story for those of us bored by predictability, and serves up something unique you can sink your teeth into.

Readers of titles like The Boys, Suicide Squad, and Secret Six will love Sam Johnson’s title The Almighties.  Available from




Actuality Press #1

Now on the third printing of its #0 issue, Sam Johnson’s Geek-Girl – a.k.a. Ruby Kaye, a college ‘It’ Girl who lands a pair of super-tech glasses – has been building the character’s audience ahead of her full color mini-series’ release. The mini’s launch is on the horizon now and creator/writer Johnson felt this was the right time to unveil a preview of it.

For those unfamiliar with Ruby Kaye’s story, “In Geek-Girl #0, Ruby kind of conned brainiac college geek Trevor Goldstein out of the glasses he’d invented [with the intention of using the super powers they endow its wearer with to win over a waitress he’d been crushing on]. She won them in a game of Strip Poker with Trevor and his buddy Jeff, after she and her friend Stacey got them drunk…” says Johnson.



“Ruby decided she wanted the glasses on a whim, and Ruby Kaye gets what Ruby Kaye wants. What she wasn’t bargaining on, though, is that the glasses’ tech has a glitch. A glitch that’s going to mess with her head and affect her in ways she may not even realize are happening; and this, along with the fact that her best friend Summer is encouraging her to use her powers to become a super-hero, is going to put her in a very dangerous place.”

Johnson continues, “Ruby’s cooler-than-thou clique aren’t too impressed with ‘Geek-Girl’ – but this may turn out to be the least of her worries as she’s forced to step up when her home town of Maine’s big-gun super-heroine, Neon Girl, is hospitalized – right in front of Ruby – by an enigmatic new female super-villain the media christen ‘Lightning Storm’.”

GeekgirlAs well as Geek-Girl, Actuality Press #1 features preview pages for the already-available The Almighties #1 – which sees the enigmatic White Out amassing a comedic team of heroes: comprising the arrogant, armored Maxi-Tron; former-downtrodden-housewife-turned-swingin’-super-heroine Ms. F; borderline-psychopath/former-Black-Ops-agent Mason; cocky British punk rocker/werewolf Nite Fang; and takeout owner Stefanos(!).


The Almighties

“Supposedly having brought the team together to combat ‘threats to America’,” Johnson continues, “White Out turns out not to be what he seems in the pages of The Almighties; and in the Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman mini-series we will be firmly establishing him as Cabra’s arch-nemesis – when he brings horror to the already dark life
of a woman who has pulled herself out of the gutter but is still haunted by the demons of her past.”

“Having learned the art of voodoo magik and fashioned her own bastardized version of the art, ex-prostitute Cabra is now using it to make a life (albeit unorthodox) as a hitwoman, having previously lived a beaten-down existence in the shadow of her former boyfriend/pimp,” says Johnson. “She has found her strength, she has money, she has her own apartment, she has friends and she has a potential lover.

“Cue White Out,” Johnson concludes ominously.

Written by Johnson and illustrated by Carlos Granda, Nathan Ramirez & Eleonora Kortsarz, published by Actuality Press, Actuality Press #1 is out now and available FREE at and

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