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Crossed on Camera


Crowd-funded and character-driven carnage from comic’s best are prepared to leap offcrossedbadlands21wrap the pages of Avatar Press’ post-apocalyptic horror flagship title

Crowd-funding has begun for a series of film adaptations of Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrow’s Crossed from Avatar Press.

According to Ennis, legendary writer behind The Boys, The Punisher, and countless others, the main goal of DOA is to create a film series as indistinguishable from the source material that as possible when compared to the comics.

The original Crossed by writer Garth Ennis and artist Jacen Burrows was a nightmarish depiction of a global outbreak of incomprehensible mayhem and carnage where the infected are not mindless undead, but are marked with a driven to mutilate, cannibalize, incinerate, terrorize, shoot at, eviscerate, massacre. and rape anything they can…

Like a fucking dolphin.

Anything…(Mike, Crossed: Wish You Were Here  is one of the most rewarding extensions in the Crossverse, in my opinion, anyway.  Si Spurrier did something special with that ride)

Crossed_Family_Values___colors_by_JulienHBCrossed was launched in September of 2008 on Avatar Press, the comic publisher respected for (or reviled) for the freedom it allows artists and writers to tell stories.  Allowing no limit to the amount of energy with which Ennis and Burrows could shatter even the most tempered psyche with nightmarish horror within its pages, which in turn rewarded its readers with worthwhile characters and gratifying story-telling.

Since its release in 2008, Crossed spawned multiple titles taking place in the Crossverse by some of the heaviest hitters in comic books such as David Lapham, Si Spurrier, Christos Gage (who recently penned episode #9 of Netflix’s sensational new Daredevil series) and most recently (and notably), “Watchmen” and V for Vendetta author and comics icon Alan Moore.

Because the Crossed:DOA films will be free of major studio stipulations such as ratings, release dates, and is distributed exclusively to web, the team will have full control over DOA’s content and the criteria that made Crossed a watershed moment in the annals of comics.

But they can’t do it without us.  So put up or shut up, all bets are off.


Official Crossed: DOA crowdfunding site

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