Captain America: Winter Soldier | Marvel Heroes and Villains We Might See Next:

March 18th, 20140 Comments »

Hey, comic book readers and comic film watchers!
Here’s a piece on Marvel heroes and Villains who just haven’t made it to the silver screen yet, but very well could!

And be sure to get your ticket and bring along a date for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER which will be opening April 4th 2014. See you there!

Send us a tweet @InsideComics on opening night after the movie and tell us what you think! Comic book writer Ed Brubaker, who was involved in production of Winter Soldier, brought us some of the best Captain America comics in recent history. Winter Soldier looks to raise the bar for comic book films yet again!

“Who are your heroes?”

Captain America - Marvel superheroes and villains yet to appear in comic book movies This graphic was created by Vue Cinemas

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