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This looks like one of the best documentaries made in a very very long time.

Fans of science fiction epic Dune will be shocked to see what was really being planned to bring DUNE to the silver screen.  What is possibly the greatest scope a film has ever had.  Jodorowsky was trying to package something more akin to a spiritual experience than a movie.  This was to be a prophet in the form of a film.  The final prodcut would make the viewer feel as though they were seeing and experiencing what one would under the influence of LSD.  With visionary artists like Moebius and H. R. Geiger to name a few, the goal was to make a film that would alter the consciousness of the audience for the better of all mankind.

Now that’s vision!

Unfortunately, the film would have been fourteen hours long, and two million dollars of a nearly ten million dollar budget were spent in pre-production alone.  And that’s just for starters.

The film is in limited screening and you can find out more about it here.

Here’s a synopsis by Colin Geddes of the Toronto International Film Festival.

“Jodorowsky enlisted an elite group of artistic mercenaries, including French comic book artist Moebius, who illustrated the storyboards; screenwriter Dan O’Bannon (DARK STAR, ALIEN); artist H.R. Giger (ALIEN); and sci-fi paperback illustrator Chris Foss. For the cast, he lined up icons ranging from Salvador Dali and Mick Jagger to Orson Welles, and even his own son, who was put through two years of grueling martial arts training to prepare for his role. Unfortunately, the film was never made.

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