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“My Neighbour, Jake” – Jayne McAllister 20p

Glasgow’s Sketchy Artist

Hey comic book fans! We’ve got a special treat for you this Sunday from a lovely friend from across the pond!

Jayne McAllister is 19 year-old independent comic book and video game artist from Glasgow, Scotland, and it’s our honor to showcase this lovely and talented artist’s independent work here on Inside Comics.

Inside Comic Books – Interview with Jayne McAllister – 3/10/14

InsideComics: Jayne McAllister is a 19 year old independent female artist from Glasgow, Scotland. She draws inspiration from comic books, video games, anime and popular culture! Jayne welcome!

Jayne McAllister: Hello there!!

InsideComics: So, Jayne, say we’re sitting at your favorite place, pub, gaming center, coffee shop? Where are we?

Jayne McAllister: I’d say we’re in my local pub, where just over a year ago, I first got the idea to start the page and make a wee name for myself from one of my friends who already had quite a successful page.

InsideComics: I’ll have coffee, extra sugar and cream. Haven’t slept, don’t plan to. What are you drinking, Jayne? I’m buying.

Jayne McAllister: Pint of Tennants if you don’t mind.

InsideComics: Not at all, Love.  So how do you get around, these days Jayne? Do you drive? Bike? Bus?

Jayne McAllister: I scoot about on a bus these days, sometimes a train if I’m in a rush. In my group of friends it’s become quite well known that I tend to sleep through most of the journeys though -HAHA!

We get our drinks. We find a well-lit table where they’ve hung a print of her Tank Girl piece done with A4 watercolors and fine liner.

“Tank Girl” – Jayne McAllister



InsideComics: Jayne let’s talk about your Tank Girl piece, what made it so technical?

Jayne McAllister: I think it’s because I’d never really tackled a portrait piece much like it before. I struggle to draw things very accurately so I tend to add my own twist to things, like making them into zombies. It took me a good few hours to get only the hands right never mind the rest of the drawing! Then trying to get the shape of the rest of the body right, along with the shading and colours just made it very technical to try and make it as accurate and individual as possible.

InsideComics: Artists do say hands are the toughest to draw, ironic, seeing as how art is done with the hands.  (I stare off into space for a moment). I really like your work here, Jayne. Big fan of Jamie Hewlett’s “Tank Girl”. Love the art.  Thought the movie was shit, better if it had been animated.

Jayne McAllister: Yeah, I completely agree. The artwork is amazing and stands out above the rest, but the movie kinda brings shame to the comic. It could have been much better.

InsideComics:  Speaking of: What are your favorite comics? You’ve got a million dollars, let’s make it dollars, while they’re still worth something, what would you add to your collection and hang on your wall?

Jayne McAllister: I absolutely love Batman as a hero, and The Dark Knight comic series was incredible. But I think Rebel Blood really influenced me in my style of artwork and fueld my love of zombies haha.

InsideComics: How do you view yourself as an artist? A Person? How would you define yourself artistically, say, in a piece you had to finish before you ran off into some other dimension where kittens are gods and nothing is what it seems?

Jayne McAllister: I view myself as a small independent fan artist with too many ideas and not enough canvas space to create them all. As a person I would say I’m rather messy and all over the place, but well motivated when it comes to something I love, like my artwork. As for the last part, I would probably have to say I would leave this dimension behind with a huge very sketchy painting of a kitten with the words “ALL HAIL THE KITTEN LORD!!!” scribbled across it.

Inside Comics: (Nods approvingly) I’m all over the place myself, and I think that goes for a great deal of artists.  You focus that chaos and transform it into something we can understand like artwork.

InsideComics: At what point in your life did you start about getting sketchy and doing artwork?

Jayne McAllister: I would say probably when I went into high school. I was never very good at drawing anything other than landscapes, but when I went into high school I really started to use my imagination more and coming up with wee characters that I would doodle on everything. It was also roughly the same time that I started to really get into comic books and video games, so they kinda both came hand in hand.

InsideComics: What other disciplines do you practice that we don’t know about. Spill.

Jayne McAllister: I play guitar, well not as much recently but I can still batter out a tune every now and then. Oh, and I’m a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do hahaha

InsideComics:  A martial, musical and visual artist, yea? Do you think you’ll be going to university? Are you already enrolled? Is this something that you’d like formal education in or do you want to just run with it and have fun?

Jayne McAllister: I’m currently studying HND Architectural Technologies at college, which should lead onto doing Architecture at uni in a couple of years time. I’ve been asked a lot recently about wither I want to continue with architecture, or if I want to go into my artwork as a full time job, but I think just now that it’s maybe safe to have it as a backup. I’m not fully decided on what I want to do yet.

Jayne does most of her work by hand with A4 watercolor, acrylics and fine liner inks. She also dabbles in the digital.

InsideComics: Are you right-handed or left-handed?

Jayne McAllister: Right handed. I’m useless with my left hand really HAHA.

InsideComics: LOLz! Let’s talk about your weapons of choice, A4 watercolor, Acrylic and fine line. Did you start out using these? Why the preference?

Jayne McAllister: I think I started off with coloured pencils, and then moved onto watercolours. I had never really used acrylics until I was almost finished high school, and even then I only really used them to paint landscapes on canvases. When I started drawing more fanart, I discovered that I could produce some pretty awesome pieces quite quickly with both acrylics and watercolours. With the fineliner though, I just love the sketchy effect I can get from it, so I can live up to my name HAHA.

InsideComics:  Indeed, it’s distinguishing! What do you use for your digital work?

Jayne McAllister: I use my Bamboo Touch tablet that I got for Christmas just there, and do all my drawings on Photoshop. I’m still pretty slow at drawing on it, but that’s only because I’m just getting used to using the software.

InsideComics: Favorite video games? You seem like you like shooters, pretty violent stuff, Jayne. Should we be worried about you?:-)

Jayne McAllister: You’re right, I love shooters!! My favourites would have to be the Halo series, the Bioshock series, and the newest Batman series. But I also love Portal and Skate, I’ve got quite a few (that a lie, I have loads) Portal goodies, like t-shirts, a “The Cake Is A Lie” cross stitch and even cookie cutters.tumblr_mpz8x7X80h1ri3z7wo1_500

InsideComics:  I think we’ve got a winner here:-) I’ve talked to a few comic book nerds over in your neck of the woods. Some people wouldn’t really think of Scotland as being nerdy, but you gave us Grant Morrison. Shows what they know.

Jayne McAllister: Hahaha yeah, a lot of people don’t think of Scotland as being nerdy, but there’s quite a close knit comic community, especially in Glasgow. It’s great.

InsideComics: How’s the Glasgow geek scene? What do you guys get into for fun? What are we missing out on when we’re not there?

Jayne McAllister: It’s pretty amazing! We now have a monthly Comic Mart run by the guys over at The Big Glasgow Comic Page, and there’s also the yearly MCM Comic Con. The Comic Marts are great, the guys successfully run the Comic Marts through the day, which are always full of local vendors such as myself, and they also have Cosplay contests and comic book pub quizzes. They also run a monthly book club meeting to discuss the latest and greatest comics and graphic novels. There’s also loads of independent comic writers from Glasgow that write some amazing books!!tumblr_mq6ncnvtmi1ri3z7wo1_500

InsideComics: Is there anything you think is lacking in the nerd culture over there, something you’d like to see more of or think it’s missing?

Jayne McAllister: There’s a kind of persona about cosplayers and comic nerds with some of the local bams that like to pick on cosplayers. I’d like to see a lot less of this, but unfortunately some people will always feel the need to bully or harass cosplayers. The comic marts and cosplay meets are great places for people to come and feel safe and relaxed among friends. I’d like to see more of an acceptance towards cosplayers and comic nerds on the streets.



InsideComics: We’re glad y’all ain’t scared to be yourselves and you can tell em that for all of us over here. How’s the dating scene treating indie artist Jayne McAllister? Looking for a Mario to your Princess Peach? A Spock to your Kirk? Don’t hold back, you’re among friends.

Jayne McAllister: I have a beautiful girlfriend, Jade, and I’ve been with her for almost 3 years now. She’s also an artist who paints mainly anime scenes and animal crossing fanart, but is very well known for her portraits. You can find her at Fight Like A Girl on facebook if you’re interested. She’s very talented.

InsideComics: (sheds a tiny tear)…Sorry…That always happens whenever someone mentions Animal Crossing.  Big shout outs to Jade, the other half of a lovely couple artists!  You can find Jade and the work of another lovely indie artist at

InsideComics: Hitting any conventions these days?

Jayne McAllister: The next one I’ll be at is the Big Glasgow Comic Mart’s Big Weekender at Walkabout at the end of the month. I would have been going up to Dundee for DojCon this year again, but I have a clash in events and I’m not able to make it. Hopefully, I’ll be heading down to Manchester for MCM Comic Con, and I’ll most definitely be going to it when it comes up to Glasgow too!!

InsideComics: So I see you like Dr. Who? Who is your favorite doctor?

InsideComics: I really like Jayne’s “My Neighbour, Jake” Which is where she takes the characters Finn and Jake from Adventure Time and put them in a scene as if they’re playing the characters from My Neighbour Totoro.

InsideComics: So I see you like Dr. Who? Who is your favorite doctor?

Jayne McAllister: I adore Matt Smith as the Doctor, but I think that’s because I can see a lot of me in his character. I also love Tom Baker as the Doctor; he was probably my favourite Doctor when I really got into watching the older episodes.


InsideComics: Who or what inspires you artistically, Jayne? Did you have a mentor or favorite artist?

Jayne McAllister: I’m really inspired by many street artists that have a very sketchy or unusual style, and also many independent comic artists, such as Neil Slorance, who draws everything in his own creative style, and draws something new every single day.

InsideComics: Take us through your ritual or process for starting a piece, what kinda music’s playing, lighting, location?

Jayne McAllister: Usually I’ll get an idea and do a little research on the subject so I can finalize my ideas. I’ll be sitting in my painting jeans, and it’s usually quite late on at night. I’ll have Netflix on, or some strange music, whatever I’m into that week usually. I’ll draw it out really really roughly, then rub it out, and draw it out again. This usually takes a wee while until I’ve settled on exactly what I want it to look like. Before I’ve started drawing it out, I’ve usually decided on what I’ll be using; either watercolours, acrylics, or pencils, or fineliner ect. I’ll then spend a good few hours, to a day or two, working on it until I’m 100% satisfied with it. If it’s a commission for someone, I’ll send them a photo to get their final approval before posting it online.

InsideComics: What do you do when inspiration strikes and you’re at work or the movies and you can’t sketch or write anything down? What do you do?

Jayne McAllister: I usually doodle something down really quickly on a scrap bit of paper, or text my girlfriend telling her all about my amazing idea, which she usually just sort of nods and agrees with until I’ve actually got the finished product. Or she reminds me of what I was going to do if I forget a few days down the line.

InsideComics: What’s going through your mind when you’re working?

Jayne McAllister: “I should really sleep soon” is the most common thing.

InsideComics: Where can we find you if we’d like to buy your finely crafted pieces?

Jayne McAllister: I’m on facebook, twitter, and tumblr, and if anyone is interested in any pieces or commissions feel free to drop me a message and I’ll sort something out for them. I’ll also be selling at the next Big Glasgow Comic Page Weekend at the end of the month in Walkabout, Glasgow.

InsideComics: Finally Jayne, “Who are your heroes?”

Jayne McAllister: My heroes are anyone who is brave enough to showcase their true passion in life, and aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

InsideComics: Jayne McAllister, you’re lovely, thank you for joining us on  “Artist Showcase.”

Jayne McAllister: Thank you very very much for having me. It’s been fun 🙂

Yes, it has, you can find Jayne and her beautiful original works below:

Twitter:  @SketchyLine
Face Book:

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