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“FURY: My War Gone By”

Garth Ennis’ “Fury: My War Gone By” is an authentic and poetic tale of S.H.I.E.L.D Colonel Nicholas Joseph Fury

There was a country once. A country where peasant farmers plowed rice patties.  And who’s biggest fears were tigers, bugs, venomous snakes etc.  They would plow and sow.  They would feel the sun on their faces in a land rich with Buddhism, love, and simplicity.

And one day that all shattered.  American ordinance rained from the sky like brimstone and cast aside all biased notions of democracy and debate. Heavy machine gunners and Hueys made a devastating pair.  Unleashing so much death the Huey’s crew required a soldier to literally shovel hot brass casings out of the craft as if bailing water from a boat that springs a leak.

My father, a three-tour Vietnam War veteran said the helicopter gunners had about a two-week life expectancy.  Roughly.

The baby boomer generation saw the magnificent glory of their father’s war setting in the distance.  The Axis vs. The Nation of immigrant farmers and rebel fighters which had bled so much for a country to call their own would traverse the planet in an violent battle to save the world from evil.  The desperation and fear, despite it or because of it, culminated in the collaboration of the greatest minds of the last hundred years and pour out their minds into a project to end the war.

Envision, as best you can, a tank containing a Frankenstein. Not a classical kind.  One of machine and matter.  Organic components perverted and refined into an ominous green glowing core. A breathing apparatus has been attached to the beasts face, it’s eyes closed.  Suspended, neither alive nor dead.

Using domestic and foreign scientists, the most ironic alliance being that of a German Jewish man named Albert Einstein who fled the Nazi juggernaut’s stranglehold on Western Europe manufacture a weapon of unfathomable destruction and use it twice over just to demonstrate it wasn’t a fluke and we weren’t having any more dying on our side.  We would save them for the next conflict.

Then we woke our Monster.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki are most one-sided “battles” that ever took place on planet earth:

America           |        Japan

Casualties and losses
None 90,000–166,000 killed in Hiroshima[1]
60,000–80,000 killed in Nagasaki[1]
Total: 150,000–246,000+ killed

Source: Wikipedia

So when the baby boomers were drafted into the conflict in Asia, In an age without Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia.  If you said we were there to save democracy from communism they said “I’ll go.”

Not much of a war if you don’t have a common enemy.  Communist was just ubiquitous enough of an idea to blanket anyone who lifted a finger in defiance of American interest with a bomb for every man woman child and goat in every fucking village they could.  Because their government, or neighboring government didn’t like consumerism?  What’s the difference between killing your own countrymen because you are (something other than democratic) and killing someone else’s countrymen because they don’t necessarily think like us when it comes to economics.

Nicky Fury and Frank Castle just didn’t give a fuck, however.  Some men just love war. Believe it or not, a lot of the people who gave their lives during this dark cloak-and-dagger Cold War come-up were just looking out for you.  “He’d be damned if any slope was going to get his hands on his son’s birthright.”- Christopher Walken, Pulp Fiction

The story is about Col. Fury’s internal war. The war a veteran returning home has.  The one Frank Castle has waged since is inception as the Ghost of Death. And solidified his position as one of the most recognizable of the Marvel heroes. A weapon that only kills the bad guys.  Like the one Oppenheimer and Einstein created along with the efforts of the entire country.

But the real heroes, like Fury, with no powers or technology to make him superhuman.  Sets out with the goal to save the world.  Like his fathers before him.



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