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“Fatale” Attraction|Ed Brubaker|Sean Phillips|Image Comics

The ongoing series “Fatale” by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips.  Is about as a dark as it gets.  Emphasis on Elizabeth Breitweiser’s brilliant color work.  I don’t want to talk…

Growing up with Comics

Sunday Afternoon, 3:19 PM. Life was never that boring before I discovered comic books.  It did, however, get a lot more exciting when I did. Daily comic strips were my…

FURY: My War Gone By |Garth Ennis|Goran Parlov|Nick Lowe

“FURY: My War Gone By” Garth Ennis’ “Fury: My War Gone By” is an authentic and poetic tale of S.H.I.E.L.D Colonel Nicholas Joseph Fury There was a country once. A…

Originality|Progress|Legends in the Making|”Batman Superman” #2 |Joe Hill’s “Thumbprint” #2

The amazing combination of artistic originality and creative story telling freedom flows and bleeds across the pages of Batman/Superman.  Feeling as free as the heroes we’re following. Since “Before Watchmen:…

“i Want Superpowers” a review of iHero

iHero was sent to my inbox over the weekend as a result of social networking juggernaut Twitter.  Please take a moment to “follow” them.  This is an exciting time to…

100 Twitter Followers | Googling Comic Books | Face Book | Twitter | Social Networking | Future Communication

TO celebrate 100 Twitter followers, would you all join me in posting your top 10 Comics on your Twitter and or to @JayKillin.  To follow on a discovery process…

More photos from Megacon

Inside Comic chats with Mike Waggoner and Martin T. Pierro about “Deep Space Tragedy” from CosmicTimes(tm) chats with Mike Wagganer and Martin T .Pierro at the Independent Publisher Cosmic Times at Megacon 2013.  We talk to Mike about his new work, “Deep Space Tragedy” which…

“Turn on, Tune In(side) Comic Books”

Don’t tune out! Tune in! Independent, Creator-owned works. Individuals, Changing the game. Incredible, Scripts. Indelible Art. WWW.INSIDECOMICBOOKS.COM (YouTube Channel Access)   @JayKillin (TwitterAccess) “Get Inside”

Gail Simone Panel at Megacon 2013

   Rushing from 10:30 to 11:45 when I was finally able to park and find a place that would let me park, I knew if I came out for just…

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  • The CBLDF The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund


  • Flame On! Nerds come in all colors..Flame On! Is a GLBT-friendly Podcast by some really colorful , awesome people.
  • Valiant Comics The podcast from Valiant
  • A Comic Show A weekly, brief podcast about the best new comics that came out this week.
  • The Reasons I'm Broke Gaming, Comic Books.




  • Crossed Comic Taking place in Avatar’s Crossed universe, awesome web comic authored by Simon (Si) Spurrior and Javier Barreno (NSFW)

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