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Jay was born July 8th 1986 and is an aspiring adult who is versed in several writing styles from poetry to short stories to hip-hop. He holds black belts in two different martial arts but has been self-trained to eat sleep and breathe comics and the people who make them. He started Inside Comic Books to get closer to the people in the comic book industry and find out if they're real or if they're all the result of his hyperactive imagination. He currently resides in Orlando, Florida. The O-Zone, if you will. If you're interested, you can email him at Jay@insidecomicbooks.com

Articles Published by Jay

“Turn on, Tune In(side) Comic Books”

Don’t tune out! Tune in! Independent, Creator-owned works. Individuals, Changing the game. Incredible, Scripts. Indelible Art. WWW.INSIDECOMICBOOKS.COM (YouTube Channel Access)   @JayKillin (TwitterAccess) “Get Inside”

Gail Simone Panel at Megacon 2013

   Rushing from 10:30 to 11:45 when I was finally able to park and find a place that would let me park, I knew if I came out for just…


MEGACON 2013 It’s that time again.  And I’ve already begun meeting some of the most inspiring pros and heavy-hitters you may not have discovered just yet. Siike Donnelly, a survivor…

Graphic Novels: Drawing from the Past.

From “Malcom  X: A Graphic Biography” Andrew Helfer (Editor), Randy DuBurke (Illustrator) How do we learn about something the world witnesses in a brief flash of time?  Who’s subject to…

Tibet(an)d Comics

Does anyone know of graphic novels or comics that use themes of Buddhism, or one-ness? It could be good to know, it’s not an area covered much in today’s world,…

“Comic Books and Hip Hop was My Genesis”

That’s a line from indie hip hop group Atmosphere’s front man, Slug.  The song is “Always Coming Back Home to You.” There’s a book about the life of MF GRIMM…

Zombies: Unite

The modern zombie craze…the zombies in general, everything doesn’t need to be simmered down to a trend.  If, however, zombies became trendy, they’d own a large debt to an Italian-American…

Dr. Manhattan: What’s Inside the Box?

When I pick up a new comic off the shelf, I get this tingly anticipation.  Like driving into a city via some ethereal bridge out of “Thor.”  The buildings and…

Why We Love Comics

We see ourselves in the characters of these fantastic books.   From Tony Stark, we see ourselves in a man who may have everything anyone could ever want on the outside,…

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