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Grant Morrison obliterates DC Universe

But this multiversity take is probably the biggest mind-bender I'll read to date.  Coming from Grant, that's saying a lot... You HAVE to see this. ...Ah Grant, go back to the darker reaches of Batman's mind...for me. Just this once.  

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Scott Snyder comments on the finale of “The Wake”

Scott Snyder and Sean Gordon Murphy had a baby and called it "The Wake". Things got weird afterwards... Here's Scott, Thank you to DC All Access for saving me the leg work.

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Best of San Diego Comic Con 2014

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New Comic Book day April 4th, 2014 | Batman: Eternal | Iron Fist | Shutter

April 4th, 2014. Orel from A Comic Shop talks about some heavy titles that were released today like "Batman: Eternal" from DC Comics and "Iron Fist" from Marvel Comics. In addition, an interesting new title called "Shutter" from Image Comics!

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier receives critical acclaim

Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been getting praise and reviews normally reserved for Oscar nominees. What the average movie goer may not realize is this is due in large part to comic writer Ed Brubaker, in recent years enjoyed critical success and praise himself as he brought a fresh perspective ...

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Jay Mewes Promotes Free Comic Book Day!

Jay Mewes, best known for his role as Jay in the Jay and Silent Bob series from director Kevin Smith, took time to make a video for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! There are 60 FREE comics that are available to choose from for both kids and adults. Titles of comics include Guardians ...

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New Comic Day 3.19.2014 Wonder Woman #29 & Aquaman and Batman #29: The Search for Robin

Aquaman and Batman #29: The Search for Robin comes out of nowhere and to our surprise is Wonder Woman #29 has the Goddess taking on the forces of Olympus all her own. Thanks again to Eric from A Comic Shop for taking the time to tell us about all the hot comics ...

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Captain America: Winter Soldier | Marvel Heroes and Villains We Might See Next:

Hey, comic book readers and comic film watchers! Here's a piece on Marvel heroes and Villains who just haven't made it to the silver screen yet, but very well could! And be sure to get your ticket and bring along a date for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER which will be opening ...

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This looks like one of the best documentaries made in a very very long time. Fans of science fiction epic Dune will be shocked to see what was really being planned to bring DUNE to the silver screen.  What is possibly the greatest scope a film has ever had.  Jodorowsky was ...

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Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

To celebrate the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy text game's 30th anniversary, BBC Radio 4 Extra has re-released it online! Thanks for all the fish, Douglas Adams! CLICK HERE TO PLAY!

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